Invitation Letter

29. International Creative Drama in Education Congress


The aim of International Creative Drama in Education Meetings which was first held in 1985 (It was called seminar at the beginning) is sharing the field knowledge and experiences of creative drama leaders in our countries and leaders coming from all different countries. For the purpose of widespreading the studies carried out in the area of creative drama and to transfer these savings into academic platforms, we are carrying out creative drama seminars which is now called as congress and held at least one time in each year.

The Twenty-nine-th International Creative Drama in Education Congress determined to be held between October 25-26-27-28, 2018 in the city of Ankara where it is the center of our liberation struggle in order for not migrating to another countries. Creative drama congress will be held with the collaboration of Ankara University and Creative Drama Association.

We hope that our congress will be effective at gathering drama educators, art educators, actresses, theatre scientists, educational instructors, teachers using creative drama as a methodology and people dealing with creative drama together.

The purpose of the congress, which we call the "Incomers", is to discuss and evaluate the concepts of migration, refugee and asylum in the creative circle of human circle and interaction.

Drama is composed of circles; circle is composed of points. At each point in drama circle explains human and which is specific to human. The person in the circle; preserving its natural structure and maintaining the continuity and movement of the circle in relation to universal values and equality.

We witness that the circles established together with the history of mankind have broken down for various reasons, that man has been scattered individually or in communities, that he has set out or has come to go to some places. Some have already arrived ... Some are about to come ... Those who are thinking of going or those who come today today are places where they can leave behind and come with what they can fit in.

Who are they? Why did they come? What did they leave behind, what could they fit in? Did they fit in with where they fit in with their side? Did they have conditions in order to fit in? What are the effects when they arrive? Are they inside, out, or in the center of the circle? We will look for answers to these questions, etc. in 29. Creative Drama Congress in Education with the cooperation of Ankara University. In our congress, manuscripts, workshop studies, artistic events, etc. will be examined through the creative drama "Incoming" theme.

We look forward to your participation in the 29th International Dramatic Creative Drama in Education Congress in Ankara and we present our love and respect for meeting at the congress.




            Prof. Dr. Fatma Bıkmaz                                                                                  Prof. Dr. Ömer Adıgüzel

                Ankara University                                                                                              President

      Educational Sciences Faculty Dean                                                                Contemporary Drama Association



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