Nadja Raszewski

Nadja Raszewski is a choreographer dancer and pedagogue. She is educated in mime and pantomime by Jaques Lecoq, Paris, modern dance and composition by Eric Hawkins and Lucia Dlugoszewski New York, contemporary dance by Maurice Bejart, Aix en Provence, modern Dance technique, dance education and choreography by Leanore Ickstadt, Berlin, Afro-Brazilian and Samba by Germaine Acogny and Ismael Ivo in Vienna, Hip Hopstyles by Niels Robitzky, Berlin.  She is a lecturer for the creative drama studies department and the artistic leader for the certificate class „creating dances in art and education/dancepadagogik/Choreographie“at the University of Arts in Berlin.  She has been invited to choreograph and perform around the world including Turkey, Finland, Switzerland, Israel, the Netherlands,norway and the United States.  She is the artistic director of the TanzTangente, a school for contemporary dance, movement research, theater and media where she leads a young company-The Tangente Company. She has worked as director and choreographer for many theaters in Germany.

She developed projects  with people with Parkinson disease, she made a production with professional dancers and people with deaf blindness and actual she is leading an artistical dance program in a juvenile prison in Berlin. Her aim is the encouragement of creativity and independence through the media of dance and movement.


teaching- method:

In my work with non-professionals it is sincerely important to me to create a space where they are encouraged to find their own movement material to a certain theme. I begin a project with a dance training adjusted to the level of the group and also communicate different improvisation opportunities. In the next step I try to approach the given topic together with the participants, by talking about it, collecting ideas and writing them down, improvising in small groups, watching and observing each other. In this way the participants are being asked to create their own dance material, which in the last step will then be choreographically edited and worked on.

Through this way of working it is ensured that the participants do not feel disgraced or exposed, because they can show themselves with their own authentic movement possibilities. This way their own movement repertoire is being extended immensely and the courage to present something personal increases a lot.

My projects are artistic projects, because it is always about imagination and creativity. Additionally they have a social component to them because it is so important to agree with the personalities and needs of the participants and not only fight for ones own artistic vision to get on stage no matter what.

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